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Rose Design Commitment

Rose Design is built on the simple philosophy that was expressed by one of Bruce Rose's earliest mentors: "make people smile". Few rewards are greater than having a pleased client upon completion of a project. This involves successfully juggling several important elements, including quality, financial constraints, and creativity.

Ensuring basic quality performance is job one. A building project must meet code, not leak, and endure.  It must efficiently accommodate the functions within, and systems must be integrated. These aspects must be tenaciously managed to be achieved.

Financial Constraints
The nature of architectural design is that a few lines in a drawing or words in a specification can result in much money that belongs to other people.  At Rose Design, the responsibility of being a steward of others' resources is taken very seriously.

Architectural design involves crafting objects and spaces to create a whole which has power to move human emotions. The following elements of design inform Rose's work:
    •  Owner values and mission expressed clearly through the architecture
    •  Strategic use of natural light, and working with, rather than against, climate
    •  Responding to views and human movement through space
    •  Shaping space and using proper materials to send the intended message
    •  Expression of structure and technology in a way appropriate to the architecture
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